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A doctoral thesis (dissertation) is linked to high standards. On the one hand, the author should prove that he is capable of independent scientific work. On the other hand, a doctoral thesis should include new scientific findings.

If the doctoral candidate is employed at a university or a state research institution, he can usually count on specialist support in the form of group leaders or postdocs. Supervision by special graduate centers is also steadily increasing.

On the other hand, there are numerous doctoral candidates who write their dissertation externally and on their own. Here is usually only an irregular contact with the doctoral supervisor, who cares for several doctoral candidates at the same time. During the long time of a doctoral thesis, situations can often occur in which one does not know any more, doubts or simply gives up.

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Since a doctoral thesis should include new scientific findings, it is in most cases not a pure literature work. In the natural sciences, a research question or hypothesis always forms the starting point of the work, which is then to be investigated experimentally in independent research work. In the course of the evaluation of the results, comprehensive statistical analyzes are still available.

In the humanities or folk sciences, the empirical part of the work is less likely to be mapped by research in a laboratory. These are usually surveys or expert interviews. This must be scientifically and meaningfully created, carried out and subsequently evaluated in relation to the research question.

However, in the course of studies it is usually not possible to give the students a good basic knowledge in these areas. For example, at the first confrontation with empirical work, a doctoral student may initially be overwhelmed and have many unanswered questions.

Which questions are useful for the survey? How do I get more participants for the survey? How do I evaluate the survey? How do I evaluate an expert interview? Which statistical method must be used for the evaluation?

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